Easy Bean and Rice Wraps #WeekdaySupper

This Easy Rice and Beans Wrap recipe is so deliciously healthy and easy to make that I guarantee you will be blown away.

rice & beans wrap 6

I blog about beans and rice recipes all of the time because they are  a globe-spanning combination that’s a staple in many cultures: they’re also a yummy, high protein food that prevents heart disease, cancer, diabetes and is low in calories so it keeps your weight in check. Plus they’re a frugal option to support not just your health but your budget too!

Is there anything better?

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You are what you eat

You Are What You Eat. Period.

I am inspired to write this post after a lengthy conversation that I had with a MealDiva friend today: So many people bust their butts at the gym, but undo it all when they get home by making horrible nutritional choices. Eating too much, too little, or eating foods that don’t benefit the body are…

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bad food for kids

5 Foods to Stop Feeding Your Kids NOW

I’ve been reading countless articles on kids and food and the “Americanized diet in general” and how, nutrition wise, we fall short.The messages out there are so powerful that I wanted to share them with you. Overall, I’ve leaned that there are three types of ingredients all parents should avoid when feeding their kids: 1….

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