Chickpea Stew

I found myself craving chickpeas the other day… and out of that craving this Chickpea stew was born. This recipe is exciting because it’s full of healthy bold flavors and different textures. If you have time to make it a day ahead, it tastes even better when the flavors are left to mingle overnight in your fridge.

chickpea stew 1

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Eating Local

sally lunns feature

Local Bites, Food & Events for July-August 2015

Local Bites July-August July and August are my “off” months and I love spending lazy days with the kids. I also love to entertain on weekends during the summer and we try to use these precious days to catch up with family and friends. Sometimes all you need is a nice burger and a cocktail…

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Local Bites, Cocktails, Food & Events for June 2015

I’ve been deliciously happy with all of the New Jersey fresh asparagus and strawberries that I’ve been eating! They are always the first farm- to- table produce that I see after a long, cold and tasteless winter and they thrill me to pieces. Are you as excited as I am for CSA season? To celebrate, I thought I’d…

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Healthy Tips

family dinner 3

The two-week family dinner challenge

The two-week family dinner challenge: MealDiva was created because I believe family dinner is important. With after-school activities, long commutes, late workdays and scheduling conflicts, it can make family meal time seem impossible yet studies show that the family dinner hour is an important part of healthy living.

kale soup

Tips on Eating Out the Healthy Way

MealDiva’s Tips on Eating Out: Nearly all the chains have added healthier options to their menus—if you know how to look for them. You can also rely on these tips to help making eating out a healthier treat: 1. Ask for it your way. Dining out is no time to be a quiet consumer. For instance,…

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You are what you eat

You Are What You Eat. Period.

I am inspired to write this post after a lengthy conversation that I had with a MealDiva friend today: So many people bust their butts at the gym, but undo it all when they get home by making horrible nutritional choices. Eating too much, too little, or eating foods that don’t benefit the body are…

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