Eating Local


Premium Chocolatiers: Allergy Safe, Jersey-Made Chocolate

If your looking for Delicious chocolate that is Vegan with no nuts, no dairy, no gluten and no eggs, look no further then Premium Chocolatiers located in Lakewood, NJ. This stuff is amazing and it doesn’t taste vegan or gluten-free one bit. Seriously, it tastes like the “real thing.” Chocolate is one of my greatest…

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Healthy Tips

bad food for kids

5 Foods to Stop Feeding Your Kids NOW

I’ve been reading countless articles on kids and food and the “Americanized diet in general” and how, nutrition wise, we fall short.The messages out there are so powerful that I wanted to share them with you. Overall, I’ve leaned that there are three types of ingredients all parents should avoid when feeding their kids: 1….

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crockpot sloppy joes 2

10 Crockpot Cooking Tips

Since I’m in the middle of a #CrockpotThursday series, I thought it would be a good time to share some of my helpful crockpot cooking tips: 1. For a healthier crockpot meal, use reduced fat soups and reduced fat or light sour cream, cream cheese and cream. Also, ground turkey or chicken can be used…

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