Eating Local



Local Bites- August/September I love the month of August- I spent the first part of the month with family down in LBI, seated on the beach with the sun in my face, the ocean glimmering on the horizon and a cold Angry Orchard Summer Cider in my hand. Every time I took a swig of…

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sally lunns feature

Local Bites, Food & Events for July-August 2015

Local Bites July-August July and August are my “off” months and I love spending lazy days with the kids. I also love to entertain on weekends during the summer and we try to use these precious days to catch up with family and friends. Sometimes all you need is a nice burger and a cocktail…

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Healthy Tips

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Potatoes: Why it’s important to eat the skins

Are you throwing your potato skins into the composter, garbage disposal or garbage? If you are, you could be discarding a ton of deliciously healthy, disease-fighting nutrients and weight-stabilizing fiber. Did you know that when you leave the skins on, you are eating healthier? Potatoes skins are full of vitamin C, vitamin B and calcium….

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The two-week family dinner challenge

The two-week family dinner challenge: MealDiva was created because I believe family dinner is important. With after-school activities, long commutes, late workdays and scheduling conflicts, it can make family meal time seem impossible yet studies show that the family dinner hour is an important part of healthy living.